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IFALPA Applauds ICAO Panel Action to Develop New Safety Standards for Lithium Battery Shipments on Aircraft

In a Press Release published on 4 May 2015, the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) praises the Dangerous Goods Panel of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for committing to develop new packaging standards for lithium battery shipments on aircraft in order to protect the aircraft and all on board from the effects of a lithium battery fire.

Recognising that packaging is an important piece in a multilayered approach to the safe transport of lithium batteries, IFALPA will continue to work with all stakeholders to ensure the packaging standard is fully developed and implemented. We continue to support the recommendation that high-density shipments of lithium ion batteries not be carried until these standards are in place.  

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Press Release on the Fatal Car Accident Involving Two Cathay Pacific Pilots

HONG KONG – The Hong Kong Airline Pilots’ Association was saddened to learn of the passing of two Cathay Pacific airline pilots in the early morning hours of March 12, 2015. The crash occurred on Container Port Road South near the Kwai Chung Container Terminal. The Hong Kong Airline Pilots’ Association remains committed to enhancing safety in transportation of all modes and hence supports a full investigation into the cause of this accident.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the deceased. Additionally, the Association has made its team of peer support volunteers available to any member of our pilot community who would like assistance dealing with these difficult circumstances.

To download HKALPA's Press Release... click here.

HKALPA's Response to MH370 Media Coverage - Press Release

It is the policy of the Hong Kong Airline Pilots' Association to reserve comment on active investigations in order to allow investigators the opportunity to collect factual data and make unbiased determinations of the causal factors in an accident or incident. However, recent media coverage of several high profile accidents have us greatly concerned about the quality of reporting and, more specifically, the value of speculating about the causes of events prior to the conclusion of an exhaustive investigation. ....Read more.  

Cathay Pacific Pilots Receive IFALPA's Polaris Award

The Hong Kong Airline Pilots Association (HKALPA) is proud to announce that the International Federation of Airline Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) Polaris Award was presented to two of its members, Captain Malcolm Waters and First Officer David Hayhoe, at the IFALPA Annual Conference in Panama on 29 March 2014... Read more.

International Shipments of Lithium Batteries - IFALPA Briefing Leaflet

In its latest Briefing Leaflet on International Shipments of Lithium batteries, IFALPA highlighted the changes made to ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, and made recommendations for pilots to follow... Read more.

ICAO Multi-Crew Pilot License Symposium

HKALPA will be attending the ICAO Multi-Crew Pilot License Symposium in December.

As part of the “proof of concept” program that began in November of 2006, this  symposium aims at evaluating the implementation of MPL training programs and discuss relevant issues going forward. The MPL Symposium will provide a valuable networking and experience-sharing opportunity that will include information from ICAO, Civil Aviation Authorities, international organizations and leading industry stakeholders. It will provide an opportunity for a candid assessment of the related outcomes of MPL programs and identify areas of future improvements...... Read more.

Radio Interview on Aviation Safety

HKALPA participated in a Panel Discussion hosted by China Radio International on aviation safety in the wake of Asiana Flight 214. Participating on the Panel  were: Mr. Gao Qi, Professor at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Captain Kevin L. Hiatt, President and CEO of Flight Safety Foundation;, and representing HKALPA was Captain Dave Newbery, who is an IFALPA Accredited Accident Investigator. The Panel discussed the NTSB's initial handling of the Asiana 214 investigation and associated press briefings, what future actions would occur in this investigation, the current state of pilot training and how it might be conducted in the future, airline safety in general, and current aspects and future requirements of the air traffic system in Mainland China.

Follow the link to listen to the panel discussion:  


Statement by ECA President Nico Voorbach  

Source: ECA

Following a vote in the European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) Committee on the proposed rules for Flight Time Limitations on 11 July, Nico Voorback, President of the European Cockpit Association, stated:

“It was our sincere hope that the EU Commission would improve the Flight Time Limitations proposal, especially after the Parliament hearing on 18 June, where it became clear that EASA ignored scientific evidence. We learned no improvements have been put forward and we are deeply unsatisfied with the final Commission proposal. The decision taken on Friday not only disregards once again the unanimous advice of scientific experts but also ignores the negative vote of the Dutch Parliament, the only EU Parliament, which had discussed this proposal in depth. On behalf of all European pilots, I’d like to remind decision-makers that this proposal is unsafe and the vote by the EASA Committee is disappointing. We trust that Members of the European Parliament will examine the proposal thoroughly and take the necessary measures to improve it and make it safe. If this is not the case, the only other option is to reject the EU Commission proposal.”

Full Investigation of Asiana Flight 214 Accident Needed before Drawing Conclusions

MONTREAL — The International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations has released the following statement regarding the Asiana Flight 214 accident in San Francisco on 6 July, 2013: